GTECH Plasma Consumables

GTECH Air Plasma Cutting Torches, Spares & Consumables are made to suit all the world renowned brands like Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Thermal Dynamics, ESAB, EPE, AP, Koike, Messer, Kaliburn, Trafimet, Messer, Panasonic etc. GTECH is nowhere related to above mentioned brands.

The quality of cutting provided by GTECH stands par with the renowned brands. GTECH has been in the market since 2008. Our brand GTECH is a well known brand in Welding & Cutting Industry in India. GTECH finds its suitability in most innovative PSUs and Private Sector in India including Indian Railways.

In GTECH, we have more than 1000 variety of plasma consumables and can be customized as per client’s need. So please leave your details or contact us to ensure your Plasma cutting requirement is fulfilled.